I strive to hold on to every memory that I can.  Thinking about family holidays reminds me of how we remember people, places, and things.  What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of someone?  What color was that thing and why do I remember it so fondly?  These are questions that I enjoy answering and enjoy exploring.  My work is influenced by how we remember things and how we value memories.

A person is as alive as their memories and I truly believe that once a memory is lost, it is so hard to get back.  As soon as a memory is lost, a little bit of what makes you yourself, at that particular place in time, is gone and at a time in everyone’s life, we are only memories.  Memories bring us together and keep us apart.

In my work I use objects to show memory, time, and the attempt the preserve both of those things.  Currently, I am using furniture to tell stories, influenced by my past and current fears but also stories that can be seen in everyday life.  Objects have meaning for everyone in different ways and as those objects move throughout place and time, their meanings or values change.  These are the stories I tell.