Visit to the Osage Arts Community / by Alexander Thierry

During Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 I made the trek to Belle, Missouri.  I was not sure what to expect especially with the recent flooding of the Gasconade River.

HOLY COW.  This place has so much going on.  The main focus is artist residencies and building a huge artist community in the little town of Belle, Missouri.  There are poets, writers, painters, musicians and a ceramic artist there right now and in the near future, more theater, performance, and ceramic artists.  

My interest was sparked due to a conversation with Aaron Fine, a past professor of mine.  He told me of this place and that they were working on a ceramics studio.  He said he would connect me and that is how I ended up kind of consulting and dreaming of a residency at OAC.  

Ceramic people, keep an eye out for this residency as they are building a great little teaching studio, kilns of all types including soda and an anagama.  It is really a fantastic vision.