Back to Peters Valley / by Alexander Thierry

For a good portion of the Summer of 2016, I was a Studio assistant in Ceramics at Peters Valley School of Craft.  My time there was incredible and it really opened up my mind to working in the craft school environment.  I had take workshops at other craft schools before but that was the first time I had actually worked at one.

Recently, I was able to go back and take a workshop to refresh my glaze chemistry skills.  I took a workshop with Bill Carty and it was amazing.  Bill did an wonderful job taking his crazy, vast knowledge of ceramic materials and explaining/teaching to a bunch of artists.

We spent a lot of time looking at the Stull Chart (pictured below), to understand the outcomes of glazes.  After testing a bunch of glazes and placing them on the Stull chart, we were able to play around with different variations, colors, and effects.


I am just now realizing that I did not take many photos but here is another one that has some tests that I did.  Overall, this workshop was amazing and I am glad that all of the material presented was given to us in the form of a bound book and a flash drive that contains all of the goods.